Wanna have fun with colors! Try our color shoot game to rotate the colored balls wheel and match each colored ball. Impossible color shoot game is simple, impossible, challenging and addictive to play.

In this Impossible color shoot game colored balls will fall from the top of the screen. To match each collared ball with the same color, tap the screen to rotate the wheel, left side tap rotate wheel in anti- clockwise and right side tap rotate wheel in clockwise. 

If the ball makes contact with the correct color you will score one point. If the color does not match it is game over. It also acts as a mind game which creates trouble to player mind. This mind game helps students to improve their mental fitness as well as studies.

- Easy to play.
- Tap to play.
- Match the color ball.
- Ten Modes of gameplay with different Levels
- Gradually increase the speed.
- Challenging and addictive.
- Game for all age groups.